Thursday, June 29, 2006

Spies and Men on the Make Everywhere 

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On Tuesday so I noticed a motherly type casing the place. Dresses like she has money. She looked like she was in her 50s, and very petite, no bigger than a size 2. No facial markings at all even though I looked quite closely at her for anything distinguishing. Her face is remarkably flat from the side, though. Plain bobby type hair cut – very stylish. A very distinct crown on the back of her head. It starts from the center and slants to the right. A forceps birth?

Then the next day I noticed a group of young people probably under 30 trying to take a picture of the map on the west side entrance. Why would someone take a picture of the map? To have a blueprint of the place of course!!!

They probably have this revenge idea to set the world right or finally get it their way. Some messed up way of never forgetting their still not home. No more Pearl Harbors.


For the past month or so there have been countless males who sit down beside me and act like I show up here to meet them. It is annoying. Help to alleviate this delimma for me.

I had to stop reading this one because I felt myself starting to get sucked in and agreeing with it, just like I did when I read Kaczynski's manifesto.

Churches taking six hundred years to build in Europe dot the countryside. The clergy of these churches recommended to sovereigns to kill people in order to meet the commands of the church. They relied upon power and not love to control the peoples of their churches. The churches here have united into the NCC to exercise their power and not love within mankind. Churches are of man and the churches have convinced man they are bad by spending their money. Ministers are not needed in God's churches, only advisors. Let the money be in the hands of the church attendants for their families and good uses. A tall church is only a monument.
You have doctors raping women after surgery, operating and removing wrong limbs and body parts. They falsify reports to government programs to get more of their god, money. They pool their money and pay ambulance drivers to bring a profiled patient to them. When the patient arrives they use and Intern to do the surgery and he connects the man's veins as a plumber. The leg atrophies until it turns black. They feed the man pills until he cannot hold his head up and he slobbers. The man asks to be removed from the pills, his head regains control, his slobbering ended! Now he finds, his kidneys were destroyed by the pills! He is now on dialysis for the rest of his life!
Governments have allowed chemical companies to add chloramine (nitrogen and two hydrogen atoms) to replace the cancer causing chlorine. Now a statistical number of humans will lose the function of their kidneys and be put on dialysis machines, the company producing the chloramine also produces the chemicals for the dialysis machines. Airplane contrails in the sky show chemicals that drop down upon the populace!
The RJ Reynolds Company added leaves to their cigarettes to entrap more on these cancer causing weeds. The lungs of man have sacks that purify the blood as it passes. Smoking a cigarette is carrying your own polluted air along with you. This impure air generator will be later be replaced with a cylinder of oxygen to help survive the emphysema Drag that cylinder around like Jacob Mawley's chains in Dickens Christmas Story.
The optical people want to sell you glasses every two years! No one tells you that your eyes have muscles that need to be exercised just like any muscle. More of their god, money is earned if you buy every two years!
The farmers of the Midwest created a corn oil to feed to their cattle and pigs. A problem occurred where the animals started having heart attacks! So as not to lose money on the deal, they went to industry and announced with great fanfare, Mazola Oil! Now humans had the heart attacks! This oil creates plaque within the arteries. Then Linus Pauling. a Nobel Prize Laureate, told people to take a lot of vitamin "C" to fight colds. Two things happened, the vitamin "C" cleans the arteries out and leeches calcium from the body. So men were getting heart attacks from the plague blocking the heart valves and creating bone spurs in addition!

Wow. The most interesting ones we get where I work are "Whoever designed the copy machine is a sadist" or "You guys need more books."
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