Thursday, January 25, 2007

Statcounter Fun 

Image hosted by Photobucket.comHello and welcome to my recent visitor from Stillwater, Oklahoma using Chickasaw Telecommunications Services, Inc! I can see from Statcounter that you stumbled across my site using the key words "HUSTLER BEAVER HUNT" but instead of amateur hardcore found my humble, porn free (mostly) blog instead. I do consider it the highest compliment that you stayed for a spell, and even visited some of my archives. In fact, I'll take that as the most glowing endorsement of my site yet.

I feel like Jack Horner, the adult film director from Boogie Nights, whose heart's desire was to produce a porno with such a compelling story that the viewer would sit through the entire movie.

Here's a search tip, though. When surfing for hardcore sites of unairbrushed, home groomed hoo-has be sure to switch off the Google Safe Search option, which I can see you have on. Otherwise all of those pictures of overtweaked, methy punani will continue to elude you.

Hey. I read through all your archives and didn't even get an honorable mention.
Reading through my referrer links, and the most frequently used search terms for my website makes me very depressed. Particularly since the single most searched item is for Sandra Lee's breasts.

Incidentally, I was "turned on" to your site by one of my partners, John Nieset.
so you're saying i'm definitely NOT going to find any info on Hustler Beaver Hunt here?
No she didn't!

Foxy called out an anonymous porn hunter on her website? I'm so jealous!

I'm WAY too timid to let people know just how much information I know about them based on my stat counter. Somehow I think they'd never come back. But you probably aren't trying to cater to the "Hustler Beaver Hunt" crowd after all. I get a lot of hits from people looking for "sexy housewives." It's a sad, sad world.
Robert - please ask John to email me! I have been keeping tabs on his whereabouts somewhat from Margaret, but I would like to see how he and his family are faring after the diaspora. He can reach me at anything AT foxylibrarian.com
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