Saturday, June 03, 2006

All I Need is One More Sign, Lord 

A slightly bedraggled woman approached the desk and mumbled something about needing a phone number. “I called information, and they gave me a fax number.”
“I can help you with a number. What number do you need?”
“I need a number to the Crisis Center.”
“There are a couple of crisis centers. Which one would you like?” I showed her a list which included support centers for runaways, victims of domestic violence and rape, and various addictions.
“I need the Suicide Crisis Center.”

How nice that telephone information gave her a fax machine number so that she got a shrieking fax machine on the line instead of a sympathetic counselor. Or perhaps, in her despondency, she copied the number down incorrectly. In any case, I’m glad that that wasn’t the final straw and that she was willing to try to find the right number.

This is sad to me.
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