Thursday, September 29, 2005

It’s a good life 

Image hosted by Photobucket.comThe rest of the world must think we’re insane. Thanks to the miracle that is Tivo, I rarely have to endure commercials, so I’m not sure how long the latest Pediasure drink commercial has been around, but I saw it for the first time last night and it really kind of freaked me out. I realize that there has been an ongoing trend in advertisement featuring disrespectful children rolling their eyes derisively and contemptuously at their parents, but I haven’t seen one yet where a parent actually seems afraid of her child.

The commercial begins with a nervously concerned mother wheeling her little girl around the grocery store. At one aisle she says a little tentatively, “We need chicken.”

The little girl wrinkles her nose and says, “I don’t wike chicken!”

This continues for several more food items. Each time the food item is proffered the little girl declares she doesn’t like it. The tone of the little girl transcends typical spoiled brattiness. She says it like she’s making a threat.

Back at home the mother offers the Fussiest Little Eater a bottle of Pediasure, a drink concocted from sugar water with some vitamins and electrolytes thrown in. While the little girl drinks it down, she shoots her mother an evil smirk that clearly communicates, “This will do, for now.” The anxious mother breathes a sigh of relief.

The Pediasure ad reminds me of the Twilight Zone episode It's a Good Life in which the entire town is held captive by a tyrannical little boy with supernatural powers. The townspeople spend their days groveling before him and trying to keep him amused because if anyone displeases him - and boy is he easily displeased - he’ll send them to "the cornfield," where something unspeakably awful happens.

Nobody wants a Corrections style scene of an all night stand off at the dining room table over the liver and rhubarb monstrosity that Edith is trying to force down her son, but can't we have some sort of middle ground? Parents, even if your kids can program the VCR and do other things that technologically intimidate you, they can't send you to the cornfield, or to the Veldt, or wherever. Step up and be a parent.

Damn straight. My kids eat all kinds of crazy things. Why? I put it in front of them and act like it's completely normal. And, no, I don't foist liver on them. Organ meat is just ... weird.
The most glaring example to me of how our society has completely cow-towed to our children's whims can be found on most supermarket bread aisles these days.

I speak, of course, about loaves of bread sold with the crusts removed in advance.

They're sold under a variety of names, including Iron Kids Bread, but I think they should name it something more accurate, like "Crustless Appeasment: The Bread for Spineless Parents Who Let Their Kids Dictate Their Own Food Choices".

I'm all for letting kids have their preferences, but with very few exceptions, I had to eat what was on my plate growing up.
The rest of the world is right.
The first time we saw this commercial, my 4-year-old turned to me on the sofa and said, "She's being rude, Mom." I smiled and heaved a sigh of relief that it hadn't inspired a copycat.
I can't stand that commercial. What a little brat!! Spending extra money just so the kid will eat "nutriously" is ludicrous. I tried to complain directly to the company but I couldn't find anyplace to do it. Thanks for giving me the opportunity!
Enjoy this... It proves my love for PediaSure.

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