Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Evil, evil, impolite and evil 

Image hosted by Photobucket.comI don't wish to alarm anybody, but I've noticed a surge in inquiries about the Church of Satan lately here at the library. Perhaps Ol' Scratch is marshalling his forces for a big upcoming satanic rally, or devil worshiping is trendy, or they're doing some sort of PR advertising blitz a la Dianetics (Can't stop jumping on furniture? See p. 146) or we're about to enter the Times of Tribulation, but I've had no less than 5 people ask for Church of Satan information in the past week. That reminds me... if the Rapture is imminent, I guess I better pull out my "Rapture Designated Driver" button.

The other day we received a letter from one of the incarcerated that asked for, what else, The Church of Satan's address and any contact information for all the high priests and priestesses in the area. He also wanted an article on hip-hop music. The librarian e-mailed the Church of Satan on behalf of the patron and received a prompt, if rather snippy and curt, reply. I guess being courteous is not satanic.

"PER OUR WEBSITE: There is only one high priest and one high priestess, and they reside in New York City. We guard and protect our membership's privacy and do not give out their contact information. This is clearly stated on the website."

Well, excuse that librarian for not wanting to pore over the Church of Satan website looking for the FAQ, which is not exactly easy to find. I guess a clear, navigable, informative, pleasing to the eye website is not too satanic either. I better stop now before I mysteriously am struck blind or my offspring is born without fingernails... By the way, I always loved that scene in Rosemary's baby when her husband gets the part after the lead in the play, his rival, suddenly and inexplicably goes blind. Her husband announces it to Rosemary all casually like it's the most natural, everyday thing in the world. "Yeah. He just went blind. Damndest thing. Oh, well, I guess I better start learning those lines."

The Satan website is truly a delight to peruse. The language is dramatically naive, the edicts juvenile and often unintentionally sweet, and the artwork is, well, interesting.

There is so much to get through but this excerpt about the Church's founder made me laugh out loud: "His odd interests marked him as an outsider, and he did not alleviate this by feeling any compulsion to be “one of the boys.” He despised gym class and team sports and often cut classes to follow his own interests."
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