Tuesday, June 14, 2005

She's so good looking that she looks like a man 

A transgender (man to woman) called the library the other day because she had lost her makeup bag somewhere in the library. She was transferred to security, which handles all lost and found. While she was explaining her situation the security officer kept referring to her as “Sir.” Although insensitive, he didn’t mean to be disrespectful or insulting, it’s that she sounded, well, like a man, and the security guard kept forgetting himself. The patron was deeply hurt and called back to complain, but before she could get too far into her story she burst into tears. I’m sure she was upset and distressed over her lost makeup bag – makeup is a pricey investment, and I would be devastated if I lost mine - but I also had to wonder how much of her outburst was caused by the emotional roller of her hormone treatments. Although I did feel terrible for her, and was deeply apologetic and passed along the news about the need for further sensitivity training, there was a small part of me that went, “HAH! Welcome to my world! You think being a woman is all about makeup and nail polish and pretty clothes? Well let me tell you that it’s also about being at the mercy of evil female hormones that make you irrational and moody and seethe and bloat and pout and binge eat and cry for no reason, which can completely destroy your professional credibility with your male colleagues. Congratulations, you're a woman now."

Recently, a man approached the front desk and said that he was a transgender and wanted to use the women’s bathroom. He was wearing a lumberjack shirt and work boots and couldn’t have looked more manly and macho. His presence in the women’s bathroom would have caused nothing less than panic. The librarian asked for documentation, which he couldn’t provide, and he stormed away with a, “You’ll be hearing from me soon.” I mean, how are we supposed to distinguish between your garden variety pervert and a true transgender? Although, from what I’ve heard of the condition of the men’s restroom, I couldn’t blame him for using a ploy to gain acces to the women’s bathroom.

I wonder how Asian countries, where men who live as women are tolerated as a third sex, handle the bathroom situation. It was hard not to gawk in amazement and admiration at the transgender women in Malaysia, who were without exception stunning and gorgeous. The only way to really distinguish them from ‘real women,’ the dead giveaway, is that they looked too perfect. Real women always have some flaw, and the way to test for authenticity was to look for the flaw, like with a diamond.

Nice article :)

Although, not only do we have to deal with the lovely effects of estrogen. We are also at the mercy of a society who largely views us mostly as neither male nor female...or fake women at most.
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