Wednesday, June 29, 2005

A Real Shitty Week 

Before I left to visit home we had quite a situation at the library. For about a week piles of human feces were discovered at various places in and around the the building. One was boldly left near the internet computers, for which I find impossible to believe there were no eyewitnesses, and one in the problem alcove of the employee exit, a hotbed of malfeasance.

Non-house broken patrons roaming the library are nothing new, and finding human feces in the library is an unpleasant fact of public librarianship that I have chronicled extensively and nauseatingly in this blog. There was something unusual about the frequency of these episodes, however, and it was beginning to feel like we were under fecal assault. I'm not sure if these were isolated incidences, a coordinated effort, or a disgruntled patron trying to send a message. Perhaps it was the work of some kind of serial shitter.

Well, I should be able to recognize an omen when I see it. I arrived home to the news that my mother's cancer is back, my grandmother suffered a heart attack and other family drama to depressing to mention - a perfect storm of shit. I am going to stay home for a while to help.

sorry to hear about your horrible week. hope things get better spending time with your family.
You sit down; I'll put the kettle on, 'k?
A little bit of levity and besides, you needed to hear about some good Germans:

I'm really sorry to hear about the troubles in the family. Best wishes to all. I will be thinking of you.

Take care,
I echo all the above - thinking of you and wishing the best for you.
Oh, dear and precious Foxy! What a storm has hit you this week. We begin to think that you are far too intelligent to continue working where you are. How about nosing around for something more befitting your intellectual rank; say, a writing job with a big mag in NYC? I will then turn you over to a couple of my Manhattan offspring, who can give you some pointers and take you under their loving wings till you get on your feet. "Save Foxy! Save Foxy!"

Regarding your staying home to help out with the Family, this is your Cosmic Privilege: to be there for your nearest and dearest when the chips are down. You shall be in our collective prayers as you face your current challenges.
wait... fecal assault?
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