Friday, June 17, 2005

Pee-wee exhibition game 

Check out this video clip of tiny Ultimate players. Aren’t they as cute as the dickens? I’m so glad that I’ll be officially retired from Ultimate by the time their powers reach maturity.

There is a casual pick-up football game that the homeless play in the parking lot next to the library. Sometimes when I'm leaving for the day I’ll stop and watch them play. It gives this place a collegiate feel, like they’re a bunch of carefree students playing sports in the campus quad. The thick marijuana smoke in the air adds to this feeling. I’m considering giving them a Frisbee to play with.

I was watching their game the other day when an older man in overalls rocking back and forth next to me barked, "I LIKE BUTTERMILK!" in a perfect imitation of Billy Bob Thornton in Sling Blade.

Update on the guy who threatened to blow the library up if it didn't waive his $25 fine! I half believed that it was written by someone trying to set the poor guy up, perhaps a friend playing a really dangerous practical joke on him. Who would be so stupid to provide his name AND library card number on a threat that carries a federal offense? But, of course he was the author of the note, and even though he boasted that we would never find (fined) him, the authorities did so quickly and without much effort. He was living at his mother's house. He quickly confessed.

There's some statistics I always use in critiquing utilitarianism - that if you locked up every guy over a certain age who lives with his Mum, you could half the crime rates for certain crimes.
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