Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Lottery in June, Corn be Heavy Soon! 

We have been having a run on numerology books lately because our state lottery jackpot has reached an astronomical sum. I guess that approach, although hardly scientific, is as good as any for state sanctioned gambling. I am fascinated by and have a soft spot for the occult and people trying to use it to improve their lives. It adds an element of magical fun into our sterile, scientifically (i.e., boring) modern existences. Right after 9-11 I was working at the branch in a predominately Hispanic neighborhood. The patrons would tentatively approach the desk, look furtively around and whisper, "Hay libros de... Nostradamus?" Apparently, wild rumors were circulating around about how Nostradamus had predicted the fall of the twin towers and they wanted to verify it.

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