Saturday, June 11, 2005

I bet you're as pretty on the inside as you are on the outside 

During the mid-day rush a woman called to see what Perricone books we had available. Patrons in person always take precedence over telephone patrons, so the librarian told the woman that it would be a moment because there was a line of people. The woman replied that she would wait. Not more than two minutes later, the librarian ran back to the shelves and returned with some books for the telephone patron. When she picked up the phone the woman exploded, "I've been on hold forever! FUCK YOU!" and slammed down the phone. My. I know that there has been a sad decline in civility and gentility in this society, but even with my extremely low expectations that response shocked me.

Perhaps someone should recommend some books on inner beauty to her. She will need a lot more than salmon and blueberries and other foods rich in antioxidants to make her an attractive person.

I don't remember what strange currents of information guided me here but after reading your last five posts this is evidently where I needed to end up. I laughed, I smiled, I forgot about the bullshit I've had to put up with at my office all morning. Thank you for making my day.
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