Wednesday, June 15, 2005

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Hi My Name is XXXX and this is my library card number XXXX i know i have to pay my 25.oo and i won't pay anything to you until you take that 25.00 off i you don't ill blow up the Library and you will not fined me any where in the city so i know you will do the right think ok bitch and i'll suck your Dick if you want me to

This patron was disgruntled that his record was frozen because he owed $25 for some videos he had checked out and never returned in 2003. We get bomb threats all of the time (what is it with that compulsion?) but this one, with its bewitching blend of federal offense level threats, offers of sexual favors and adorable Freudian slips (fined for find), has been my favorite so far.

So much anger...tempered, ultimately, by a desire to please!

Do you ever find odd notes or scraps of paper in returned books? The stuff you find must be absolutely fascinating (when it's not fecal in nature). Aren't you afraid to touch some of it (seriously)?!
That's hilarious, but just a little bit sad. Interesting that those kinds of semantic slips, fined/find, come through in writing as well as spoken language.
Hey nice to speak with you the other night...here is that link I mentioned
It's a tad illiterate too, so maybe waive the fine to encourage him to keep reading? :)
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