Saturday, April 02, 2005

Needle and the Damage Done 

Recently one of the library branches suffered a terrible clog in its public toilet. When the plumber came to deal with the mess the manager told him to be careful of needles, the probable source of the obstruction. The plumber looked at her quizzically and asked,

"You mean pine needles?"

Isn't that sweet? He obviously isn't from the city. I wonder if the libraries should just admit defeat and install needle safety disposal canisters in all of the public restrooms.

I refrained from posting this earlier today, because I think I've shared this story on your blog before.

Ack! about the needles. A woman I know used to work at a popular restaurant here, where Thursday nights were "meet / meat market" nights. She said every Thursday at closing, the toilets would be overflowing from all the coke straws the patrons would flush down.
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