Monday, August 30, 2004

Your People 

The research of the turbaned, Norma Desmond-esque grand dame takes her and the unfortunate librarian who happens to be on duty in many bizarre directions. The only thing predictable about her studies is that they are always arcane and they are always prurient. Lately her pursuit of knowledge has her exploring the history of bestiality. The other day she swept in and without preamble or the exchange of pleasantries commanded her long suffering, favorite librarian to have all books that this system owns on bestiality sent to her. Not surprisingly, our system’s holdings on the subject are not extensive, so he offered to inter-library loan some books or (bravely) search the internet for her. She took umbrage at this deficiency in our collection. She glared at him and hissed,

"That’s absolutely shocking this system doesn’t own more books about this. I’m also surprised that you yourself don’t know more about it. After all, your people have been committing bestiality for years!"

The librarian, knowing exactly what she meant by ‘your people,’ gave her a mock bashful look and replied,

“My people? You mean librarians?”

“OF COURSE NOT!” she bellowed. “I’m speaking of the Jews, of course.”

The librarian good naturedly laughed and apologized for his ignorance. This appeased her, and she said, “One day when I have more time I must tell you all about it.” She then strode off to continue her quest for enlightenment elsewhere.

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