Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Moleman/ summer in the city/ making my job/ stressful and shitty 

I feel like relocating this blog from foxylibrarian.com to disgruntledlibrarian.com, and our public access internet station is to blame. There were fireworks once more at the internet terminals last night, this time involving the notorious Moleman, who is officially my least favorite patron EVER. I have described my branch's terrible public access computer setup. Cramped quarters and really bad feng shui encourage people to act up, fight, and sometimes suffer full blown psychotic meltdowns that are a wonder to behold. I have good reason to believe that the public access computers have been built over ancient Indian burial grounds as well.

Moleman ostensibly comes in each Tuesday night to use the internet, but the real reason is to give himself the opportunity to have a cathartic screaming tantrum. Moleman needs to vent all the frustrations and slights that have accumulated during the week from the hard job of being a Moleman. Because he is a despicable coward he really likes to let his displaced anger loose all over defenseless Asian women. My gut feeling that he is getting off in some creepily sexual way.

Moleman was using the 15 minute express computer. It rebooted. I'm not sure if he had been on it for the full 15 minutes, but the next person in line, a young Asian woman, saw that the computer had logged off and went to claim her turn. He then told her that he had accidentally logged himself off and was going to start it back up and use his remaining time, which he estimated was about 8 minutes. She didn’t understand (I'm not sure how good her English was) and stood her ground behind him. He then began to yell at her and refused to leave the computer. When she wouldn't leave either, he screamed, "Fine, so take the computer, but I'm going to stand over you now!" He then leaned against the wall hovering over her and staring aggressively at her. Besides verbally intimidating her by screaming in her ear, I felt he was physically trying to intimidate her as well. She weighed about 100 pounds.

This all happened very quickly and at that point I told him to sit down that second in the blue chair and wait his turn. He didn't move and was still crowding her and yelling about how it was his turn. I told him to back away and stop yelling at her or I would call security.

He screamed, "Fine, then I will call my attorney!"

Oooooooh! I'm so scared! You can't afford to get internet at home yet you have an attorney on retainer!

He then marched over and asked where was I when she was hovering over him and accused me of enforcing the rules selectively. And then he tried to make it sound like the computer had shut off on him and that there was a problem with our computers, and I asked, "So why did you tell her that you yourself had accidentally logged off? Which is it?"

He then said, "I don't know how good her English is. Maybe you can speak Chinese, but I can't."

"Is that why you were screaming at her? Because screaming at people in a language they don't know helps them understand it?"

He then accused me of singling him out for harassment. After my borderline smartass comments I refused to argue with him (which is what he wanted, a good screaming match, which is the only way he can get off because he is obviously impotent) and I would only respond to him by saying things like, "If you would like to report me to my manager and discuss it with him then you do that." Because I wouldn't fight with him Moleman got even more apoplectic and his face turned all scarlet and veiny like someone had pumped a gallon of boiling 5 alarm chili straight up his ass.

Then a whiskey voiced barfly browsing the videos said, "Oh, just call the cops, hon! You don't need this crap."

He then stormed off into the night to go crawl in the dirt hole where he lives and eat worms and destroy someone's lawn.

It's one thing to scream at the staff, but now he's going after other patrons, female, of course. He doesn't scare me in the least since he's so pudgy, pocket sized, ridiculous and runty, but I could see a bystander intervening and the situation escalating into something really ugly. He restricts his performances to when there are no men around for just this reason, though. So, I spent the rest of the evening typing up an incident report and security has promised to have a talk with him and ban him if he acts up again.

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