Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Guess whose panties these are! 

The most horrifying obligation I can imagine. Reading it brings out the darkest misogynist in me and makes me question whether we should ever have been trusted with the vote. A comrade who's planning the bachelorette party with this over eager monster forwarded this to me. These women are in their 30s, by the way. This is why some men hate women. Seriously.

I got your message, and I can't do Wednesday since I have class until 10. I have classes Tues, Wed, Thurs and will be away this weekend for my girlfriend's wedding. But I could meet next Thursday after 7:30 pm.

I think the biggest thing is just letting the girls know to reserve that weekend for XXXX's bachelorette fun in XXXXXXXX!!! We can take care of the details as they come, but I want to make sure as many girls can come as possible!

We can talk via email if you like - seems like it might be easier.

Here are some ideas I have:

I like the idea of your hot tub!!! We'll have to work that in somehow. I was also thinking a sleepover would be fun - does anyone have a big enough house? And would be willing to have the girls over? We could do it at my place, but I have a tiny place.

Saturday afternoon/early evening we could start with games, gifts, and prizes. Then limo/club/dancing night Saturday, sleep over and brunch on Sun AM? Or we can even make it a Friday - Sunday thing too. What do you think?

Girls bring a colored feather boa (black is fine) for when we go out to the clubs! So we can stand out and draw attention to our group and glam it up and be fabulous! XXX will have fancy white one for bride to be. I'm pretty certain XXX will not want to wear a tiara, but I can make a pretty veil just in case she is down with wearing it.

Here are some ideas for games:

Each girl brings lingerie that reflects her own personality for the "guess whose" game. These are gifts that the bride to be will be keeping. Or we could just do regular bachelorette gifts. If girls want to bring something kinky and fun, all the better! Whatever they are comfortable with.
Some other games:

1. Bachelorette Oath of Secrecy - signed contract all the girls need to sign

2 Create XXX's Wedding dress out of toilet paper (3-4 teams w/one model) - this one is fun!!! Makes for great pictures too!

3. Draw XXX's wedding dress on top of your head on a piece of paper

4. Guess who's panties/lingerie that is (gift giving time)

5. guy Scavenger Hunt Game (for one of the nights out - this one is awesome. I've made this for every bachelorette party and it never fails to be fun! Think Polaroid camera, think looking for guys with the best ass, best abs, biggest feet! nicest eyes, guy whose name is Mike, etc. all posing with XXX for Polaroid, all added to her necklace so by the end of the night she has all these polaroids of her and guys with fabulous bods! Hahaha!

Well, those are my ideas. I'll talk to XXX about the limo. Let me know what you think about the Fri to Sun OR the Sat to Sun sleepover. I'm thinking we need to reserve the limo for Saturday night though, right? Okay, talk to you later. Have a great day ladies!

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