Thursday, March 25, 2004

Another One Rides the Bus

While I was waiting for the bus to go to work today the sky bottomed out and the buses became so crowded that I thought for a moment that the entire city was being evacuated. I have never seen the buses so overloaded - it was like rush hour in Tokyo or Mexico City. Like Tokyo, the bus could have used some people pushers, because passengers were not being good team players and refused to share their space until they were coerced by the sheer mass of humanity forcing its way onto the buses.

It was Bedlam in every sense of the word, because half of the passengers were certifiably insane, looking for a cozy place to get out of the rain, I presume, or were having psychotic episodes triggered by the crowded conditions. Though the inside of my bus was like one huge writhing scrum, people did manage to give the man who appeared to be having a violent argument with himself plenty of personal space. It was a frotteur and pickpocket’s dream. At one point the bus picked up a bunch of African American high school students and one of them, a girl, shouted indignantly,

"People be putting their ASSES on me!"

Which totally made my day.

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