Saturday, February 10, 2007

More Rave Reviews from our Patrons 

From a popular on-line review site...

A junkie in the bathroom asked me to help her shoot up as she attempted to simultaneously wrap a slender piece of rubberized hose around her bicep, tugging at it with her teeth and holding a disgustingly dirty needle in the other hand. I'm nice but I ain't that nice...

The crazies will talk to each other out loud here and then bitch about the librarians talking! i was told by someone who witnessed this guy running in to the library holding his butt and headed straight to the bathroom. unfortunately the men's room was closed for cleaning and the guy still holding his butt started to kick and scream at the bathroom door. He had to be escorted out of the library.

Oh that's beautiful... Last year, a guy fixed in our restroom and OD'd. He made it as far as the central staircase first. It was on St. Patrick's Day. I'm saving the full version for a blog post commemorating the one year anniversary. Top O' the morning to ya!
I always wondered why so many librarians seem kind of cranky and wary...now I know. Nutty.
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