Friday, December 01, 2006

Trouble, trouble move away 

Sorry for the radio silence but I was called home for yet another family funeral and asked to write another obituary... This was only a week after my good frisbee buddy and frequent Foxylibrarian commentator Ryan Stich was killed in a motorcycle accident in Georgia. What a shame and what a waste.

When the family is gathered all together like that I get to snoop around for more family lore - one of the few solaces of funerals. Here's a gem: my grandmother is rumored to have been born at 12:30 AM, February 12, but her parents backdated the event to February 11th. Her parents didn't want her sharing a birthday with Abraham Lincoln, that day being one of infamy in the South. Or I guess I should say for a certain segment of the Southern population, since I'm sure the descendents of freed slaves didn't have such a problem with the day. It was easier to do those sort of things - to tamper with the official record - in the days of home births.

So sorry about your loss, Foxy dear. Lovely little tale about the backdating of the birth. There should always be something good to take away from a funeral. One of the best is the family reunion that attends a good funeral and the treasure stories that fly about. You, by the way, are a treasure. We enjoy your writing and your quick wit. Keep bloggin' through thick and thin!
My thoughts are with you, even these many days later. Hope you are well.

I enjoyed reading the story of back-dating the birth. There's a novel, there, Foxy, of your stories -- as is there is mine, being another product of the south. I found out many family skeletons by snooping amongst albums and letters -- and the lack of both, which has led to questions that aren't always welcomed over the years.

I was sad to hear about Stich, and thank you for e-mailing to let me know.

Take care, and Merry Christmas to you and yours.
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