Friday, October 27, 2006

What your users are saying about you - Library Best Practices 

Recently I attended a lecture at a conference where the speaker exhorted us to monitor all of the various review websites and insider pages like Yelp, Yahoo Travel and City Search to see what our users are saying about our institution.

Here's an enlightening one (well, not to anyone working here):

This is like a nightclub/dive bar for crazy people.

Case in point:

-a friend of mine walked into the men's room to find a filthy homeless guy bent over the sink, taking it from a guy in a business suit. True story.

-another friend who worked here said he met a normal-seeming girl who ended up STALKING him via threatening phone calls and he had to have her banned from the library. He also said they were contantly kicking people out for jacking in the stacks.

They should make a video game based on this place. Nerdy, normal bibliophiles have to dodge flying jizz, urine, and sodomy attempts just to get to their books.

Remind me never to change gender, drive to San Fran, come to your library and decide to take a wizz.

I just might forget.
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