Friday, September 15, 2006

Daddy, Eugenia and I have something to tell you! 

Image hosted by Photobucket.comAm I the only one who snickers at this book's title and cover art? I mean, I know that the relentless Ms. Steel's latest effort is about the debutante season or something or other, but the double entendre, however unintended, is quite obvious to me. It doesn't help that the man looks taken aback, as if one of the girls is announcing something rather shocking about the nature of the two girls' relationship.

I'll read anything, and I mean anything, but I have yet to make it through any of Danielle Steel's incessantly expanding ouevre. It's not adequately trashy or racy to be entertaining enough for the escapist fare it's supposed to be, and the characters are just completely dull to me. I find serial wedder Danielle Steel's personal life much more fascinating, especially her pretentions to high society and her rough trade phase, which culminated in her prison marriage to serial rapist/recovering heroin addict/overall thug Danny Zugelder. A colleague's cousin was one of Zugelder's victims. He kidnapped her and spent the night raping her and extinguishing cigarettes on her breasts.

That's funny, because the daughter of my friend went to elementary school with Danielle Steel's daughter, Clemmie. My friend caught her daughter and Clemmie making out one night when they were about 11. That's all I'm going to say. . .
Ohhh, juicy!
I can't stand how on every single page there is at least one sentence that starts with "And". And yeah, I too enjoy the title of "Coming Out" and was surprised that it didn't stop all the little old ladies from placing holds on it.
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