Sunday, July 09, 2006

Beau Ideal 

From Jane Wagner and Lily Tomlin's Broadway play, The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe, when the speaker is praising her feminist boyfriend: "He is so sensitive that he's the only man I've ever known who knew where he was when Sylvia Plath died."

I can't hear/read about Sylvia Plath anymore without being reminded of a "Gilmore Girls" line. The window was broken in wintertime, and intead of fixing it Lorelai just hovered around the stove a lot.

"Maybe Sylvia Plath wasn't depressed. She was just cold."
Well, she did kill herself during one of the worst winters England had suffered in years, but you think she, a New Englander, could have withstood it. Her apartment's water pipes had been frozen for days, though, which must have been catastrophic with two babies in diapers, not to mention that her husband had abandoned her with the kids to run off with Assia Wevill. It must have been quite a stressful time for Sylvia.
Years later when Ted left Assia, she killed herself as well, but took their 4 year old daughter along with her in a fit of Medean spite. Nice. One suicide wife, you feel sorry for the guy, but two and you have to wonder...
Not long after Sylvia killed herself England replaced toxic coal gas with natural gas, and saw a huge decline in suicides.
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