Tuesday, March 14, 2006

But my Kid's Been Dying to See Harvey Kietel Full Frontal 

Image hosted by Photobucket.comBecause items checked out on juvenile cards do not accrue fines, people will often try to circumvent the system by using their child's card to check out their own material, especially in the case with videos, a pricey $1.00 per late day. This problem could be eliminated if we would limit juvenile cards to to juvenile items, but sometimes children legitimately want to check out material classified as adult, like the little ten year old girl who wanted a book on making cupcakes. The circulation staff has the right to challenge parents checking out adult items on their children's card, and this can lead to some amusing conversations at the circulation desk.

"Wow. Your infant must be very precocious to want to learn about motorcycle repair already."

"Sir. I really doubt your 3 year old child wants to watch Bad Lieutenant."

Damn library loopholes and the jerks who jump through them.
Foxy, you crack me up. I so enjoy reading about the fabulous customer service you provide to some...well, interesting patrons.
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