Friday, January 20, 2006

Drive Friendly? 

Sorry for the sporadic posting but I have been in Texas helping my grandmother convalesce from hip replacement surgery. And let me just say that I’m accustomed to scary urban traffic and have driven across town during rush hour in Third World hellholes where you can see why the population has had to resort to fatalism because otherwise it would lose its mind, but I have never felt more unsafe than in Fort Worth. Every time I got in the car I felt like I was taking my life into my own hands, mostly due to all of the housewives hopped up on Starbucks and valium on the roads in their juggernaut SUVs. As they would jabber into the cell phones, barreling down the roads toward and past me, all I could think about was how their bumpers were aimed right at my throat level. A very nerve wracking experience, which I dealt with by quadrupling my daily caloric intake and reciting the fear mantra from Dune, which I memorized the other night when the phones were slow and I was desperate to procrastinate actual work.

Yeah, I don't know what is up with Ft. Worth and Dallas but they both have those 'merge or die' lanes where there is practically no merge lane at all. I also have the theory that Dallas is built on a bit roulette wheel and when they see my car coming, they spin it. No matter what straight path I take to downtown Dallas, I always end up in OakCliff.
hi foxy--so i'm not in dallas anymore, and i went to get my new library card from the spectacular seattle library. not sure how well your people keep networked, i asked the guy at the desk if he had heard of you. he thought i was one of those strange ducks. "foxy librarian? is she supposed to work here or something?"
I'm embarassed to say, I love the random Dune comment. Just last week I had to look over my shoulder at an A.C.T. performance because someone likened another's outfit to a stillsuit. (okay I suppose as it was a visual thing that was a movie reference and not a literary one, but still, my head turned.) Sort of like making your way out Ocean Beach and someone makes a "walk without rhythm" comment.

I now feel I must waste valuable UCSF time memorizing the mantra.
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