Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Sofa-Cum Bed Plus Loveseat 

Image hosted by Photobucket.comOur guests will no longer have to sleep on a blowup bed. Isn't it pretty? Billy Jack and Spoon love it, too. See them glaring territorially down upon high at Dixie, my cousin's black lab. E found the sofa sleeper bed on Craigslist. While going through the ads she came across one entitled:

Sealy Sofa-Cum Bed Plus Loveseat

Eeewww. Is cum  really the wisest word choice in an ad about a sofa bed? I know that it's just a fancy word for 'with,' but it is also a less fancy word for something else, something that everyone fears is spattered all over a used piece of furniture, causing hideous, unspeakable stains. I almost feel like writing the seller, probably some senior citizen innocent, to alert them to the connotations of the word cum, especially when used with loveseat.

Poor, poor Dixie.
The name reminds me of some of the furniture that might have been in my old fraternity house.
I love sleeping on my pottery barn sofa! It's very comfortable!
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