Monday, October 31, 2005

Uncle Dick 

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Cousin May was telling us how she and her husband took their children back to see their grandparents in Jackson Hole last summer. They attended the annual Demolition Derby while they were there, a big family affair with lots of cowboys, stunt clowns, barrel racing and a streaker, who although uninvited, was carrying on an annual tradition of sorts. The streaker was having a high time exhibiting himself to the crowd, successfully evading the rodeo clowns for a while when the police stepped in to take matters into their own hands, by tackling the streaker and tazering him. All the children screamed as they watched the downed streaker convulse and lose control of his bladder while being jolted by the unnecessarily high voltage. Thank God the police were there to protect the children from the nudity.

Here's a darling photograph of May's children with 'Uncle' Dick Cheney, who enjoys showing his soft side and a cocktail. I have entitled it Uncle Dick's Storytime and Cocktail Hour.

even when surrounded by smiling kids, he still looks like he's about to shoot laser beams out of his eyes.
The little boy looks like he is doing an excellent imitation of Cheney's underbite.


D From Austin
Wonder if one of the kids turned to him after the picture was taken and told him to go fuck himself. Seems to be quite the rage.
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