Saturday, July 23, 2005

Gentle, Angry People 

A man wearing a rather redundant Quakers for Peace button approached the desk and muttered a question about where a conference room was. Since there were several meetings going on the librarian questioned him about which meeting room he wanted to find. He clenched a fist and slammed it against his thigh, "There is a sign out there that says there's a peace meeting in the 1st floor meeting room SO TELL ME WHERE THAT IS!"

I was laughing about later it with my colleague who commented, "I've heard that pacifists are some of the angriest people on earth." But a Quaker pacifist?

I love paradoxical behavior. One time a girl rushed in to my branch library to try to print off her resume. Computers at my old branch did not have word processing and when I informed her she suffered a hysterical meltdown right in front of my desk. I can't bear histrionics and since we all have really bad days I told her that I would print it out from my computer. As I was printing her resume off I noticed that under her personal strengths statement she had written, "I always remain calm and collected even in the most stressful situations."

Hilarious on both counts!!!

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