Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Cipro, Anyone? 

A woman of indeterminate age with that tell-tale exposure tan approached the desk and said, "I need to get on the internet, and once I'm on it I need you to tell me a good source for medical information. I need a straight up one, one that is going to give me the right information."

I told her that WebMD is very reputable and showed her how to get there.

She leaned toward me over my desk to squint at the screen and said, "Since you're already there, would you go ahead and look up tuberculosis for me?"

With a sinking feeling, I keyed in tuberculosis.

"Are you sure this website is any good? I just found out I have this shit and I'm really freaking out here."

That makes two of us, girlfriend.

Oh, man. Sorry to hear that! There was an article in The Chronicle several years ago about the resurgence of TB. One of the people in the article traced his case to someone who coughed on him while he was riding the 38 Geary. Not that that'll make you feel any better.

Your story reminds me of going to the Delancy Street Buffet only to hear two servers behind the counter discussing the reason that one of their co-workers hadn't come in to work that day: Hepatitis. I didn't think to order a heaping helping of Gamma Gloubulin.

Good luck with your health.
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