Thursday, April 28, 2005

Dope Sick Love - For the Love of God, Don't Watch It 

I have been riveted by A&E’s Intervention, the documentary style television show that follows various addicted people around and then surprises them with an intervention that the show has helped their friends and families stage. Although it has come under fire for being exploitative (one outraged critic called it ‘an emotional snuff film’), I find it fascinating, educational and cautionary, especially in the ways it exposes how families and friends inadvertently support the addict’s disease. I thought I would also enjoy watching the documentary Dope Sick Love, which chronicles the trials and tribulations a junkie faces on the streets of New York. I watched it last night and it was absolutely revolting, and unless you especially enjoy seeing needles plunging into veins covered with crusted sores, I don’t recommend it. To counteract this vile images do you know how many hours I will have to spend immersing myself in Benac.com (like I don’t already!), the website of the wholesome Mormon family I cyberstalk? This was a documentary that offered neither hope nor redemption.

The subjects of this film are two couples as they con, scam, thieve, lie, bicker, prostitute themselves, and search for a viable vein, all of which they do in a hideous New York accent, which I found made the whole experience even harder to endure. One of the women, screeching after her life partner during a quarrel and then whining and crying because her needle is too dull to pierce her vein (her boyfriend selfishly took the ‘good’ needle), sounded just like a strung out Joan Rivers. Nancy Spungun lives! Another delightful scene involves one of them cleaning his syringe in a commode and then loading it up and sticking it in his vein. His body is a temple!

I am curious to know why the junkies never go to the NYPL to fix. Instead, they spend a lot of time trying to break into apartment and office buildings to shoot up in the stairwells. Perhaps under the new order established by Giuliani the librarians are empowered enough to enforce the rules and there is a zero tolerance for that sort of behavior, which flourishes and is done with impunity in this city and elsewhere.

i don't know which is the worse nightmare:suffering the lows of a heroin addiction, or suffering a shrieking, strung out joan rivers.
You should check out HBO's The Corner... a gripping counterpart to another series The Wire, except it is told from the viewpoint of the people that live in the run down areas--based on real life people (who we meet at the end of the series)

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hi foxy

my name is bill. i'm now working in a lovely city by the bay, just next to a pyramidal building that defines its skyline. it's great to be back in the area after spending a couple years usually away on the road consulting--but you already know all about that from my mother, the Editor, as she calls herself. anyway, i've been trying to catch up with various friends, and in this case, i'm interested in equalizing our friendship. i mean, i've never met you, but i'm a benac, and i work downtown.

can i take you to lunch? it's not just because you're foxy. it's more because you're a librarian, and you keep our content on your shelves.

my email address is in the format of first@firstlast.com where first=bill and firstlast=billbenac. i'm trying to avoid spam...
This movie is an un-biased and "REALISTIC" window into the real lives of dope addicted people trying to forge a life, no matter how meager, and do what we all attempt to do in this world, find and hold on to love and or commitment in it's rawest form. Apparently your only interested in the reality of addiction and disease when it's sprinkled with a little intervention and hope to make YOU feel better about it. This is the reality of 99% of the drug addicts out there and the movie set out to accurately document the real life goings on of people who live this way. It wasn't intended to leave half witted librarians with a sense of decensy, although apparently it did make you feel better about yourself and you were succesful in further degrading and demoralizing people who clearly didn't need any help to begin with. So, really it wasn't a total waste, you were able to pass judgement and feel holier than thou throughout the entire experience, right? And deep down that's all your ever really looking to do now, isn't it? I found the movie to be accurate and realistic, and although I didn't always feel good about what I saw on the screen I felt a sense of empathy and compassion for these people. I hope they are able to find whatever they truly seek....What eludes us all. Even you 'Foxy' (your name speaks volumes)Self value and true love.
I caught an episode or two of this show. I agree -- don't watch it. I also read numerous reviews, from high-brow and low-brow critics, and they offered the same advice as you, Foxy.
Neon, how did you catch "an episode or two of this show" when we are talking about one film?
Or could you just be blindly sucking up to the blog writer and not bothering to get your facts straight?
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