Sunday, March 06, 2005

Rick Steve's Travel Tip of the Day for Junkies 

In an interview with Rick Steves, he reports that clever Switzerland uses black lights in its public toilets to foil junkies from locating a vein. I then read elsewhere that public bathroom attendants in hardcore Vancouver install black lights AND giant blowers, which create a wind tunnel effect, making it hard for addicts to even hold onto their drugs, much less cook them. Still, determined and shameless junkies often ask the attendant to borrow a flashlight. The attendants keep the temperature boiling hot in the summer and freezing cold in the winter, and reserve the right to dump buckets of water over the stalls if people are shooting up in them. I am going to forward these findings to the library director of security.
At the Main, junkies like to shoot up in the bathroom and then snap off the needles in the windowsill and leave them there for people to poke themselves with or for toddlers to pick them up and place in their mouths. Maybe we should also place needle disposal bins in the bathroom like you see in sad, grim old casinos in Reno whose clientele are predominately senior citizens and the morbidly obese with adult onset diabetes.

I was just directed by an unrelated source to this BBC account of the cleanliness standards required to move house in Switzerland. It's not just the public toilets!

Swiss moving standards
I think the Dutch might be worse. I remember reading how standard weekly cleaning practice included inserting oiled feathers into all the household keyholes to 'dust' them. This probably won't surprise you, but I have neither Swiss nor Dutch blood in my veins.
speaking of, coming to a library near you:

Rick Steves freaks me out. I think that he might even be the kinda married guy that would like a handjob from an underage Thai boy.

Just a thought.

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