Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Mullet Haiku 

This super cool hair
Bucket of chicken
What more could I want

Author unknown

Cool hair,
Bucket of wings.
What more could I ask?
A forty ounce malt liquor.
What more could one want? I'll tell you. A mullet wig (mulletwigs.net). The author of the haiku would need one when s/he's finally forced to cut that mullet off according to his or her company dress code.

I saw an episode of Oprah a few years ago, one of those "Great Ideas and They Became Entrepreneurs!" episodes.

A woman and her cousin were having drinks one night with friends, and somehow the topic of mullets came up. The woman and her cousin decided to start an online mullet wig business, and it took off in leaps and bounds.

I have no idea if the site above is their company site, but sure wish I'd thought of it first.
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