Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Google Tip of the Day 

When searching Google’s images library at the public reference desk, especially when you have patrons peering over your shoulder awaiting the results, don’t forget to enable the Google SafeSearch feature. You will then be spared the discomfort the very proper elderly couple and I shared when I went to Google Images to find a map of Corfu for them. Corfu apparently is a popular destination for uninhibited, sun loving male nudists on holiday, many of whom have posted vacation photos of themselves cavorting naked on the beach. OK, the island is basically one giant bathhouse. Google has indexed a good number of these photographs under Corfu and will display them if you don’t have the SafeSearch feature switched on.

I know what you mean about taking care with the elderly and the internet.

I'd turned a friend on to imdb.com; we have a mutual friend who's an actress on Navy NCIS. So my friend takes a weekend trip to see her elderly parents, and tries to plug in imdb.com in their browser, but transposes some letters. She called me in a panic; "Neon! There is porn, porn, porn, popping up! I had to make Daddy wheel over into the dining room [cause her dad is in a wheel chair] and I can't get the porn off the screen! HELP!"

Once she shut down and pulled the plug, it was all good.
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