Monday, November 22, 2004

Fresh Out of the Big House 

Today a man still wearing his prison ID bracelet inquired about getting a library card. When told that he would need a piece of government issued ID, he presented his wrist with the bracelet. Although technically it is government issued, the page explained that the form of identification needed to have his picture and address on it. He shrugged and left the library to continue the long process of adjusting to life on the outside.

in my undergrad library, we had a guy try to use the engraved brass plaque (a la Things Remembered)as his idea. When this got shot down, he tried using the book plate inside his bible as ID. He told us it was from
G-d. How are we supposed to say no to that? But we did. As time progressed he was added to the "call the police if he comes into the library" list. He was a nut job x 10.

We once had a guy try to use his prescription methadone bottle as his ID.
A few years back my wife and I were flying to Canada from Texas and had to show proof of citizenship. She succesfully used a state boat registration card and felt very clever. After we took off, I asked if she planned on using that again at Canadian customs. She worried the whole way, but fortunately they did not ask her for ID. I think you only get to use a boat registration once in a day.
that, combined with the fact that canada really wants people to go there. because, you know, it's canada.
Here in Ohio, you can use a hunting license as ID. When ever people are applying for cards, I always say "Drivers license, State ID, your hunting license..." I have to admit, I do it to amuse myself though..but it does say that we can use it in the handbook!!
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