Saturday, November 13, 2004

Bizgirl is Bizman! And probably not even a librarian. 

In a strange case of blog transvestism, it turns out that Bizgirl, a purported colleague that I linked to and who linked to me, is a man, man. A concerned reader let me know today. The article doesn't mention whether he made the librarian part up either, but I wouldn't be surprised. I became disillusioned and started down the primrose path of deep cynicism early, when at the age of twelve I was upset and more than a little confused to discover that my favorite romance writer, Jennifer Wilde, was a 300 pound man who looked like a swarthy Michael Moore. I didn't understand how (or why) a man could so realistically create the inner life of narrator and plucky heroine Marietta Danvers, who was always getting herself kidnapped, swept away and ravished, usually with some signficant historical event as a backdrop, just like Flashman. In Love Me, Marietta, she is forced to get it on with white slavers, her master when she is an indentured servant, a pirate king, Native Americans, the French Navy, and, ultimately, her soul mate. (She forgives her soul mate - he only forced her because he was so insanely in love with her! - and they live happily ever after, until she is carried off by some other group in the sequel. Russian trappers, I believe). Her spirit and virtue, because it is always against her will, remain intact, and she is absolved from any sort of moral responsibility or trampiness. One benefit of Wilde's work is that I learned a lot of history, which was, remarkably, meticulously accurate.

I hope Bizgirl reveals his reasons for inventing Bizgirl's identity because I'm curious. I guess he doesn't owe anyone an explanation, although if I were his wife the whole situation might give me pause. The internet is rife with such fabrications, and his was fairly harmless as they go. I've always suspected that Belle Du Jour, the blog of a London call girl, was a man. Was it just for kicks? Was he practicing and gearing up to write a New Zealand style Bridget Jones? Although Bizgirl won best blog of the year in New Zealand, I thoughy the blog was really kind of innocuous and bland and didn't do much to either harm or help librarian stereotypes.

oh aye, he sure did - he aint no librarian
what on earth were you doing reading saucy stuff like that when you were twelve, anyway?
Ya know, I never pegged the whole being a man thing in a million years, but something about the recent Artemis arc certainly had my Spidy-Fiction-Sense tingling.
I read about this on Violet's post. I wonder how Bizgirl will continue with her - I mean, his - blog now that the proverbial cat is out the bag.

However, I didn't know Jennifer Wilde was a man, so that's the second gender reversal story I've had today. Great. :p
Here's the lowdown.

For starters, I am a librarian - I qualified with an MLIS a few years back and have worked in public and specialist libraries from the mid 90s to now.

The main purpose of the blog was, initially, to post stuff that wasn't relevant to my main 'real' blog, which has more of a music slant. Once I started, I found I was able to blog stuff from my work-a-day life with a bit of a bizgirl twist on so as to make untraceable (so I thought at the time) back to me - giving me some belated pleasure in many of my work frustrations and experiences.

"...although if I were his wife..."

She's been in on it from the start. She's a librarian too, so when I've been struggling for ideas, she's offered some of her own experiences as inspiration. A true-life foxy librarian. ;)

There's not too much more to it than that. It's really just a creative writing project that has garnered a bit more media attention than it perhaps warranted.
James BizGirl misses out deleting comments on the blog and then going on to try to sustain the illusion...

It is made worse by some earlier stuff on the site about how some of the other contenders weren't really personal blogs... At least they weren't works of fiction.

So the lesson here is that it's difficult to tell the difference between male & female librarians?
"James BizGirl misses out deleting comments on the blog and then going on to try to sustain the illusion..."

It was never a secret I tried to hide. I've never deleted comments from my site, and the truth has always been there for all to see on my other site: noizyland.com/home/contacts.asp

"It is made worse by some earlier stuff on the site about how some of the other contenders weren't really personal blogs... At least they weren't works of fiction."

Ahaha. How do you know for sure? Besides, whether it's fiction or not, it's still a personal blog. Having read many a blogging article on how important it is to make sure you don't write things in a way to lose your job or upset your friends, I went out of my way to obfuscate the realities of what I was writing about within a web of fiction. I'd have thought that was a classic blogging approach?
I'm so glad the "librarian" part is for real! In that case, does James shop at World after all?
world, voon, kate sylvester - my wife drags me along regularly. ;)
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