Saturday, October 30, 2004


Spoon went on quite a rampage yesterday. Since Spoon was spayed and all of the bitchy hormones have finally dissipated from her system she has been a lot less aggressive toward other females, all with the exception of other Border Terriers. She and other female Borders who cross paths will immediately engage in mortal combat like Highlanders or male Siamese fighting fish. I took the dogs on a walk on the beach yesterday and we came across another Border Terrier named Zellie. Instead of giving each other props and acknowledging the kinship of their common breed they murderously attacked each other. I had Spoon leashed so I managed to pull her off, but while she was in berzerker mode she bit my inner thigh. Spoon's 'friendly fire' caused two fang puncture wounds and a large plum sized bruise there. It looks like my leg was paid a visit by a 20 pound Nosferatu.

My cousin Fisher lives downstairs and moved his dog Dixie in from Texas yesterday. She is a beautiful, sweet Lab who, although 5 times Spoonie's size, is half blind and defenseless. Spoon has only tried to kill her once. They were introduced last night and things were going well until I left the room for a moment. I immediately heard savage screeching and howling. Fisher ran in and saw Spoon dangling off of Dixie's haunch by her teeth, latched on like a gila monster. Fisher somehow managed to pull her off without injuring Dixie. We tried getting them together again this morning and all was peaceful and the dogs were on their best behavior because Fisher was frying bacon and they were trying to charm some out of us. Spoon sat coiled on one of Pam's visiting friend's lap like a snake, pretending to be relaxed, but the entire time she was jealously monitoring whether Dixie was getting any more bacon than she was. I'm hoping that Spoon's bloodlust and aggression will end soon so all will be harmonious again. Breaking up dogfights is even worse than breaking up fist fights over the public internet terminals.

Not to be too picky but Siamese Fighting Fish should really be referred to as Betta fish or more precisely Betta Splendens.
Betta Fish
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