Sunday, October 10, 2004

Should Offer Weekly Rates 

Our time in Idaho is nearing an end and E was searching for hotels to stay in tomorrow night when we're on the road. Here's a rather ominous review found on Tripadvisor of a place with the suggestive name of The Speakeasy Motel.

I pride myself on feeling as comfortable with the lowest of our society as the highest, yet when I walked into the lobby of the Speakeasy I was simply disgusted. A prior review suggested that there was poor ventilation, well it was much worse than that. My room was dirty, hot, poorly lit, and there was a powdery residue that seemed to cover all surfaces of the room including the bath. But what was most troubling, was that feeling you get when you sense a real danger. I could not stay there as I had a sense of impending doom. As a result of these conditions, I did not even have the strength the complain. I let them keep my $100, gathered my wife, and didn't walk but ran out of the place.

The review is inexplicably entitled "Should Offer Weekly Rates." The reviewer accuses the place in this gothic and overblown style of giving him a sense of 'real danger' and 'impending doom,' but the complaint that he chose to highlight above all else is that the place didn't cut him a weekly rate.

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