Saturday, October 23, 2004

A Scary and Cautionary Story for Halloween 

Imagine that I have a flashlight under my chin...

A girl I knew back in Birmingham was from the city's wealthy suburb Mountain Brook. She was the adopted only daughter of an established old family and she was their darling. She was very pretty but had a lot of learning disabilities and was drifting in college. She soon failed out and moved back home and began working as a waitress in a restaurant in the bar district. She was beautiful with classic features - she looked like Madeline Stowe - but didn't put on airs and was a generally good natured and sweet person, although sometimes lacking in judgment. She started socializing and partying with all of the restaurant staff, including the dishwashing and kitchen crew. They adored their little rich girl mascot. Her new friends and colleagues began offering her cocaine and she started doing a lot of it to keep with the fast pace and late hours of the food service lifestyle. She quickly developed an expensive habit.

One night about 3:00 AM after the restaurant closed she started driving around with one of the dishwashers, a man in his 40s, in search of cocaine. They bought some and then went back to his place in the projects to do it with the man's wife. They soon ran out, and he brought out some crack. She was extremely high and her judgment was out the window so she gave it a try. (She didn't want to be rude to her host, after all!) Before she knew it a couple of hours had passed. Her colleague then sat next to her and with great earnestness calmly said, "Now, I'm going to run something by you. My wife and I would like to have sex in front of you. We're not asking you to join in or do anything you're uncomfortable with, but we would really like it if you watched." She sat there on the couch, high beyond belief, trapped in the projects without a car, and watched this creepy middle age couple go at it.

She said that they were soon on the floor sweating and grunting like animals, and finally she couldn't take the performance anymore and ran out of their apartment. Even though it was 5:00 AM, she called her brother and said that he needed to come get her and drive her straight to treatment, NOW. Most people I've met who are in recovery have a good hitting bottom story but this is by far my favorite.

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