Wednesday, September 29, 2004

A Valuable Lesson Regarding File Sharing 

We are marveling at Elizabeth's new iPod, which is so amazing that I want to fall down on my knees and worship it like a golden calf. We are having a good time going through and organizing our music library, which although unwieldy is child's play to arrange on this magical device. While I was going through the songs I was reminded of the early, primitive days of music file 'sharing' and I had downloaded a file from Napster containing the Enya song "Only If" (please do not judge me, my secret shame). When I opened the file I heard no music, but instead was bombarded by porn of such a depraved and filthy nature it had to be German. But the porn was not the worst part - the file was trojan horsed with a malignant virus. Elizabeth said she could practically hear my hard drive whirring as it was erasing itself. I'm not sure if the little devil was trying to punish me for my musical taste or for stealing music, but now I make sure to get my music legitimately. Not that I wouldn't have been happy to buy it instead of share it at the time - I'm a librarian and I respect copyright and want the artist remunerated - but this was when the music industry was being unforgivably and confoundingly obstreperous, backwards and resistant to the inevitable and there was no place like iTunes to download it lawfully.

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