Monday, May 24, 2004

Miracle on Green Street 

The library where I was working yesterday is having its floor redone in the children’s room, so the floor is stripped of carpet. Although the room is still open to the public, the children’s computers have been dismantled during the renovation, much to the shock and dismay of all of the computer game addicts. Judging from their reaction, being cut off from the computers is as agonizing as opiate withdrawal and they all seem to be in a state ofsevere, agitated distress. This particular library has a cartel of children who monopolize the computers. I call them the Pokemon Hooligans and they use a complicated and impressive system of card sharing to outwit the computer booking software. The gang is run by an older boy who is as cunning & ruthless as a Manchurian warlord and whose minions obey his every word and command like Moonies, but now he has been temporarily stripped of the source of his power and seems so pathetically adrift I almost felt sorry for him. Anyway, the carpet will be laid this week and things will return to normal soon.

Wonderful news! I had a breakthrough last night with Billy and Spoon. I have been trying to teach them how to shake hands and it had been a frustrating failure (I'm no dog whisperer) until last night when Billy finally lifted his paw. I felt like Anne Sullivan hearing “Waaaaater” for the first time out of Helen Keller’s mouth. I’m not sure what caused the amazing advancement, but I suspect it has to do with the fact that his brother and mortal enemy, the noble Sid, can shake hands beautifully. We had dinner with Sid last night and he entertained us all evening shaking our hands, so I think Billy sensed on some evil psychic gut level that his nemesis had outperformed him and that is what propelled him forward in his training. When we returned home from dinner last night he inspected our clothes thorougly and suspiciously with his nose and then shook hands for the first time during our nightly training session.

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