Saturday, April 17, 2004

The Sorrow and the Pity

I intentionally took April 15th off, because after suffering through the past several April 15ths at the reference desk, I finally wised up and now avoid working that day at the library at all costs. April 15th at the library has the same desperate air of panic and confusion as the Fall of Saigon. All of the procrastinators pitifully running around clutching forms, wretchedly pleading and demanding tax advice from us (which we're prohibiting from providing) is too much for my fragile nature. Sometimes in those situations I feel hyper-sensitive to other people's energy, sort of like a Precog. I can just feel my body being bathed in cancer causing stress hormones.

Inevitably, after we discover that some egregious jackass has stolen all of the the most commonly needed reproducible forms out the IRS notebook, the IRS site crashes so replacement forms can't be downloaded, and the level of panic rises to DEFCON I levels. I wish there were enough inter-agency government cooperation for us to request that anyone who files on a form with punch holes in it be automatically audited, because if they steal from the library in such a contemptible and low way, chances are they're cheating on their taxes.

Please remind me to take Aug 15th and Oct 15th, the extension deadlines, what Elizabeth calls the 'new' April 15th, off as well.

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