Monday, April 12, 2004

Miracle of Easter

This was my 4th straight weekend of solid Ultimate, and my body is starting to hate me. I feel like I stepped on a nail with my right foot. I must have pulled a muscle, or I have a stone bruise, or maybe it’s some sort of stigmata miracle in honor of Easter. In any case, I’m having difficulty walking because it hurts like hell. That's what I get for treating my body like the girls at Car Stuck Girls treat their cars.

The fields we played on have a landmark bridge as a very beautiful and dramatic backdrop but there was so much fog that we couldn’t see 30 yards around us. It was eerie and bone cold. I felt like any minute undead sailors inexorably bent on revenge would appear out of the mist and interrupt our games. All the bitter, nipple aching cold was worth it, though, because, mirabile dictu, our team won the tournament! Not bad for a non practicing team.

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