Wednesday, April 28, 2004


We have a new pet! A spider has established residency next to our Wriggly Wranch, the composting bin that is home to our industrious colony of worms, collectively known as Shayna. Shayna makes nutrient rich plant food out of all the produce scraps that we feed her, but unfortunately the produce also attracts flies and other swarming, freeloading nuisances. A clever spider spun its web right next compost bin yesterday, and Elizabeth noticed today that it already had hauled in a big fat housefly. We watched the spider wrapping up the fly in its final silky resting place this afternoon - fascinating! Our own little tiny Wild Kingdom.

We keep the compost bin on the back stairs landing, so I'm sure that the fly was en route to our apartment - trying to sneak through the back door. I'm very grateful to the spider for waylaying it permanently before it ended up in our bedroom where I just know it would take big, lazy backwashing slurps out of the glass of water I like to keep on the nightstand and torment us all night buzzing and hurling itself retardedly against the blinds.

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