Saturday, March 20, 2004

This morning I went to Dogster to add new nicknames for the puppies: for Spoon, "Spo'Nique" and for Billy, "Son of Sam." I was thoroughly disgruntled when I couldn't find either of the dogs on the site nor open my account. Billy Jack and Spoon's profiles had been expunged! I thought at first Dogster had removed their profiles because maybe I mentioned something on Billy's profile about how it would have been better for everyone involved if we had just drowned him when he was a puppy, but it turns out the reason that the dogs' profiles were missing is that Dogster was inundated back in March. Dogster was unable to withstand the volume, so many of the dogs added in March 'ran away' permanently.

I also have this icy, queasy dread in my stomach because tomorrow is the first real Ultimate frisbee tournament of the season, and I am woefully unprepared. My only off season conditioning has been sporadic Bikram classes and a 3 mile stroll with the puppies each morning, which won't be of much use to me tomorrow, especially for our first game against one of the top seeded teams in the country. I suspect the rest of my team has the same lackadaisical approach toward their training regimen. I predict a wholesale slaughter, like Gallipoli or Wounded Knee.

My branch has been slammed today! For some odd reason this branch is nestled amidst all of these tattoo parlors, at least four of them. This is a very touristy part of town, so people must think that getting a tattoo on a whim and a lark while they're on vacation is a good idea. Or at least they do at the time. So far today I have had to find images for three different people wanting tattoos. Google images makes this child's play, so I had no problem finding a griffin, a crouching tiger, and a rearing stallion. I'm not so into body altering myself, but if I did have a superfluous nipple I think I would have to get it pierced.

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