Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Sleepy Time
Maybe there's a carbon monoxide leak upstairs, because I just had to wake up 5 men who were in the deepest stages of REM in the magazine area of this branch. Rather than wake each one up individually, I just clapped my hands, stomped my feet, and hollered, "No sleeping in the library!" I then hightailed it down the stairs and skulked behind the circulation counter for a while. Sleepy homeless can be very grumpy and unpredictable when startled awake.

Earlier tonight, I noticed one of the homeless patrons hawking and then spitting in a large potted plant. A patron had donated that plant to beautify the library and now it was being used as a spittoon, and this outraged me. I told him that I would call the police in a jiffy if he didn't stop immediately. He harrumphed and then began flipping through Time Magazine, disrespecting my authoriTAY, not intimidated by me in the least.

I'm beginning to dread Tuesday nights because I feel extremely vulnerable. We have no security guards, and there are just some other female librarians here with me and the rest of the support staff are these non threatening, beautiful Asian girls, an old manager's fetish made manifest. I wish this branch would hire some giant thugs to shelve the books like some of the other branches have, because I promise you patrons think twice about acting up when I'm at a branch that has some muscle.

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