Saturday, March 06, 2004

The Passion of the Loretta
"Can a man not control his bitch with violence?"*

Today the Fiesty of Old Broad told me with rather unchristian gleeful malice that Loretta had been beaten and robbed, which might explain why she looked more forlorn than usual when I saw her outside the library this morning. The aggressor, a tall and skinny white guy who has been frequenting our internet computers lately, had insinuated himself into Loretta’s entourage last month. He courted her and pitched woo and bided his time until ‘payday’ (the first of the month when she receives her SSI check), when he viciously assaulted her and ran off not only with all of her cash but also her heart, like an especially cruel confidence man.

Her situation is almost just getting too sad to write about. The FOB told me that the reason Loretta has been on crutches for the past month is because one of her regular beaux stamped on her foot last month when she balked at giving him a cut of her SSI money. Her health is really taking a turn for the worse, because in addition to all of her other ailments she's drunk herself into diabetes. The diabetes has slowed circulation to her extremities, so her foot is not healing like it should, and I'm not optimistic about her being able to hang on to it.

She remains banished from the neighborhood homeless center, so March is going to be a long month for her. The weather is getting milder so she should be all right, but it looks like 2004 is not going to be Loretta's year.

*Ronnie Dobbs, the Musical

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