Friday, February 06, 2004

Y'all Hiring?

I was cleaning out my drawer and found this note a chronologically confused woman (notice how she dated it) handed to me one evening a few months ago. She had spent most of the day hunched over a German textbook, conjugating German verbs on page after page of notepaper. On the backside of one of these pages she composed this note/job application. After this poor lost soul gave me the note she left immediately and never returned again to check the status of her 'application,' as far as I know.

Oct. 11, 2006

Dear Library, (Chinese Branch)
I would like an application (not the N.I.M.H. one, nor Consumer Affairs one, etc.) at least to prove that I really applied for a job and really was in this city. (Proof to my OLD UNIVERSITY in NORTHERN COLORADO)

a female

I do not have a degree, therefore, you are not required to hire me, but helpful if you do. Besides, the library owes me $250 from having stolen from me in 1993 (or was it 1994)? Don't worry - I'm not collecting.

P.S. When did this branch separate from the one downtown? And why?

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