Thursday, February 12, 2004

Ve’re from Holland, may ve use your interrrnet?

Despite the relentless globalization efforts of Nike, a sure-fire way remains in identifying Euro tourists before they even open their mouth: their footware, especially if they’re wearing tennis shoes. Even if the brand name weren’t completely unrecognizable, the shoes just look different and slightly…off.
The neighborhood branch where I work is in area heavily frequented by tourists, and the Euros love to come in to use our free internet, even if it means waiting an hour for the 15 minute express terminal. There is pay internet right across the street, but I have been forced to come to the conclusion that these tourists are the cheapest people on the planet and prefer to wait in a chair next to a reeking homeless man who is muttering to himself about the Kennedy’s beaming thoughts into his head than pay a few dollars to check their e-mail.
See for yourself if you can spot the European tourist by playing Blair Magazine’s Gay or Eurotrash and Lesbian or German Lady games.

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