Sunday, February 15, 2004

Or, I officially have back

Yesterday I was punchdrunk and exhausted from a full day at the reference desk at at the busiest branch in the system, but my day still wasn't over because we had signed up to play in a Valentine's Day Ultimate Frisbee night tournament. Although I had a wonderful time, this was the first time that I have touched a disc or done any serious running around since the beach tournament in Mexico back in the beginning of December. An extended holiday season of gluttony and sloth has resulted in a sad state of physical condition for me, especially concerning the size of my ass. The Chinese girls at work have turned me onto these instant noodles that are soaked in fat and humming with MSG, which have compounded the problem because I now crave them daily like opium and they are sold at the convenience store right across the street from the library. In any case, I am so sore today from the tournament that I've been staggering around all morning in this really stilted and embarrassing way, like I've been afflicted by a palsy.

I really have been in a serious denial and needed the Ultimate frisbee wake-up call. I should have been clued in that my butt had become seriously badonkadonk by the renewed interest of all the brothers who hang out in the park that I have to pass through on my way to the ATM and post office. Their recent ardent attention and catcalls are a more accurate gauge of the size of my backside than any scale or constricting tightness of my clothes. I'm relieved that Ultimate season will put me back on a more salutary and clean living path. I love Ultimate and I really have come to rely on it to keep the baser parts of my nature in check.

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