Friday, January 09, 2004

Who gains weight from the stomach flu?
I do, apparently – 3 pounds! Not only is that grossly unfair, it’s also physiologically impossible. And no, it’s not muscle either, Elizabeth, but thanks. The one ray of hope that became my reason for living when I was racked with heaving stomach convulsions was that I would at least undo some of my lack of restraint during the holidays but I guess not.
Well, I’m sure I’ll burn that weight gain off when I’m well enough to start my Krav Maga classes, a Christmas gift from Elizabeth. Lippy patrons beware or I’ll go J-Ho in Enough on you!

Speaking of weight gain, we took Billy and a very gravid Spoonie down for a walk on the beach. She was deeply disappointed to see that Seally McRot-Rot had been finally hauled away. Elizabeth was beginning to think that the seal, along with evil attempts to ban off leash dogs and reintroduce poison oak, was part of the National Park Service’s plan to restore the beach to its natural ecology.

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