Saturday, January 31, 2004

When I had my hair Yuko'd on Monday (yes, it does look fabulous, thank you) Yuu, my Yuko stylist, gave to me in his very respectable Japanese manner a terrible choice: I could continue the Yuko system, I could continue chemically lightening my hair, but I could no longer do both. My weak caucasoid hair would no longer tolerate the combined damage of both processes, and this was the last time he could Yuko my hair in professional good conscience. I am understandably devastated, and will have to ponder long and hard what my decision will be.

The branch is not open yet and already the Neopet Hooligans are lined up outside like this place is Studio 54 or something. They're pressing their little grimy, addicted faces to the glass and I'm taking a bit of a mean pleasure in the fact that they have to wait another 20 minutes before they can come in and play computer games. Am I becoming depraved?

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