Sunday, January 18, 2004

Double Down Sunday
I'm babysitting in the children's room of a branch today. I just had to bust up a little group of boys in the foyer engaged in some activity that looked suspiciously like a game of chance. Card playing was banned a few years ago at this branch because children were gambling   and an unsavoury adult element began to lurk around, selling cards and mentoring.

I also had to confiscate a party balloon that a child was whacking another child on the head with. It was shaped disturbingly like a giant black phallus (the balloon, not the child's head). I am hoarse from savagely shushing the kids playing Pokemon on the computers. Only 1 more hour to go.

A little later now, and I'm now working the adult reference desk, hoorah! An elegant older Chinese patron wanted some movies by Goldie Hawn and I suggested Death Becomes Her and she replied, "What, are you crazy? I don't want to watch anything about death. The New Year is beginning! Very unlucky!"

For those of you riveted by Spoon's dietary intake, I'm relieved to report that she is finally eating, even if her taste has become quite expensive. I bought a NY Strip yesterday and she came running when she heard the butcher paper rustling and ate about 1/2 of it. Billy helped. She will also eat prosciutto.

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